frequently asked questions

1. What is OPTins?

OPTins is a secure Web application, using 128 bit SSL encryption, which facilitates the submission of premium tax, surplus lines, and other state-specific filings and payments to participating states. For more information on the filing types and payments accepted by each participating state, please click here.

2. Which jurisdictions utilized OPTins for the submission of filings and payments?
3. How much money will my company save by using OPTins?

The Cost Benefit Model allows Industry Companies or filing entities to complete various criteria and receive a comparison of using OPTins verses paper. For more information, please click here.


4. How do I register for OPTins?

The registration process is easy. Industry users that would like to participate in ACH debit, should complete the EFT Exhibits A & B and the appropriate OPTins Registration Form. ACH credit users should complete the EFT Exhibit B and the OPTins Registration form. To access the paperwork, please click here.

Once the paperwork is complete, email the paperwork to optinsmktg@naic.org.


5. How long does it take to implement OPTins?

The implementation process typically takes one to two weeks. To receive more information, please contact the OPTins team via email optinsmktg@naic.org or phone (816) 783-8787. 


6. I use TriTech for my Premium Tax filings. Can I E-File through OPTins?

The NAIC has partnered with TriTech, allowing PREMIUM Pro software users the capability of submitting their premium tax forms and payments electronically via OPTins.  Companies will still need to register with OPTins to E-File. For more information, please contact the OPTins team via email optinsmktg@naic.org or phone (816) 783-8787.


7. Will OPTins allow me to use a different bank account for each of my companies?

Many organizations use separate bank accounts for different companies.  To use separate bank accounts for differing companies, the licensing company must send a separate Exhibit A for each bank account. For more information, please contact the OPTins team via email optinsmktg@naic.org or phone (816) 783-8787. 


8. How do I receive a user name and password?

Once the implementation is complete, each person will receive an individual user name and password, which should only be used by the designated user.


9. Is ACH debit the only payment method available?

There are two different payment types available in OPTins; ACH debit and ACH credit.

ACH debit is the same process that thousands of insurance companies use to pay rate and form filing fees to states via SERFF (System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing). It is a seamless process whereby the company initiates payment of fee and taxes via the OPTins interface. The filing is sent directly to the state at submission.

ACH credit allows the company to push the tax amount and transaction fee from the company’s own banking interface. This option is dependent upon the filer initiating a payment in their own banking system instead of in OPTins. This option has a bit of a learning curve because the filer must use OPTins and the company’s banking interface to initiate the payment but the NAIC provides a supplemental guide to assist filers in the process. Once the funds are received in the NAIC account, both the payment and the tax filing are submitted to the state.


10. Will OPTins allow me to schedule filings?

Yes, companies have the option to schedule their filings in advance of a deadline. This can be done in OPTins or with the E-File functionality with TriTech.


11. How quickly will the state receive my filing and payment?

When using ACH debit, the state will receive your filing and payment notification upon submission of the filing. Since OPTins is an electronic filing system, there is no delay or risk of misplaced filings. If using ACH credit, the state will receive your filing once the NAIC receives the payment from your bank.


12. Can I submit amendments through OPTins?

OPTins will facilitate the amendment process.  There are no additional transaction fees to submit amended forms and/or additional tax payments to the state.


13. How are refunds handled in OPTins?

Refunds are handled outside of the OPTins system.  The company works directly with the state.  To find out the OPTins contact for each participating state, please click here.


14. How do I reset my password?

For step-by-step instructions on how to reset your existing password please click here. If you need additional assistance, please contact the OPTins Help Desk by e-mail at optinshelp@naic.org.


15. Who do I contact if I need support?

Free technical support is available for the OPTins application from 8 am to 4 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  The OPTins Help Desk can be reached by calling (816) 783-8990 or by e-mail at optinshelp@naic.org


16. How do I create a digital signature?